Confirmed Speakers

List of Confirmed Speakers

Alain Silk – Diabetes Diagnostic Devices Branch Chief at FDA      

Joe DeSimone – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Carbon Inc.

Harith Rajagopalan – Co-Founder and CEO of Fractyl

Aoife Brenan – President and CEO of Synlogic       

Thomas von Erlach – Co-Founder and CSO of Vivtex                                    

Robert Langer – David H. Koch Institute Professor at MIT

Josh Fox – Attorney and Member at Mintz

David Grayzel – Partner, Atlas Venture

Tim Oyer – President and Managing Partner of Wolf Greenfield

Caitlin Czajka – Associate Editor at Science Translational Medicine                                   

Patricia Hurter – CEO of Lyndra (former SVP Vertex)        

Steve Kern – Deputy Director of Quantitative Sciences at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation                

Alex Slocum Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT

Nia Tatsis – SVP and Chief Regulatory Officer at Vertex

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